Wheelchair Service

Our aim is to provide high quality specialist assessment and provision for wheelchairs, postural mobility seating and pressure care to children and young people with mobility difficulties across the Warrington area.

This service is delivered by a specialist team of staff with skills in a wide range of clinical areas.

Staff work closely with the entire children’s workforce in private and voluntary sector, preschool, mainstream and specialist education provision and health to enhance children’s mobility needs.

What families can expect:

  • Expert assessment of their child’s mobility and postural clinical needs
  • To be fully involved in the assessment process, plan of equipment needs and treatment plan.
  • That the plan will contain clear measurable goals and expected outcomes
  • That the goals will link to mobility needs.
  • That wheelchair staff will contribute to Education, Health and Care plans and reviews for children and young people with additional needs where required
  • Families can expect signposting to other agencies and services where appropriate and when families consent to this beneficial support
  • That wheelchair service advise and provide support for wheelchair equipment where relevant and clinically appropriate

That where relevant, goals and management plans are provided jointly in order to work in a holistic and meaningful way with families

Working with other professionals involved with the child

Evidence shows that the best results are achieved when we work with those involved in the care of the child and young person.

This enables those around him / her to promote mobility skills to their full potential in a variety of meaningful environments.

For us this means working within a variety of settings and with a variety of other people including parents and professionals.

We aim to form a partnership with families and professionals to meet the child’s clinical mobility needs.

We work with others, including parents, partners from the Local Authority and private and voluntary sector as they, as well as families, are ideally placed to support and encourage the child to use their mobility equipment effectively.

We have close working relationships with our partners in health and work in an integrated way with joint goals and management, including:

  • Children’s Physiotherapy Service
  • Children’s Occupational Therapy

Who to contact

01925 251445

Where to go

Wheelchair Services, 226
Europa Boulevard

Other details


Referral required
Referral details

Initial referrals are made by professionals who gain parental consent and complete the referral form.

Parents can request a re-assessment of their child’s mobility needs following initial referral to the service by phoning 01925 251445.

We aim to make contact with families in a timely manner and aim to see all children within 18 weeks.

Local Offer


Description of service

Warrington Wheelchair Service provides access to specialist services to meet requirements of clients with complex needs who have new or existing permanent mobility needs.

Who can access the service?

Warrington Wheelchair Service aims to provide a comprehensive service for people of all ages with long-term mobility problems and associated postural and pressure needs and currently supports 4,250 wheelchair users in the community.

Where is the service offered?

Warrington Wheelchair Service
226 Europa Boulevard

Tel: 01925 251445

Approved dealerships

Approved local dealerships list for Bridgewater wheelchair services

Approved wheelchair dealerships list 2017-2018

Personal Health Budget leaflet

Information for patients about Personal Wheelchair Budget (previously known as voucher scheme)

Warrington wheelchair user group

We would like to hear what you think about the Wheelchair Service.

  • what does the service do well?
  • how can the service improve?
  • how can you support your Wheelchair Service?


1.30pm – 3.00pm 13th December 2017

All at Warrington Disability Partnership, Centre for Independent Living, Beaufort St, Warrington WA5 1BA.

Terms of Reference

Warrington Wheelchair User Group Terms of Reference

Local Offer Age Bands
11-16 - Secondary
Preparation for adulthood
5-11 - Primary